Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: Cold. Really Freaking Cold

As I'm pulling together my research materials for the day, with the happy glow of the early morning sun gently brightening my Venetian blinds, I glance at my weather page online to discover that it is -12ºF (-24ºC) outside right now, with a wind chill factor of -27ºF (-33ºC), and with an expected high temperature today of 2ªF. Holy. Freaking. Moses.

A hundred and fifty-odd miles to the southwest, I see that it is currently -20ºF as my Dad heads out to work with the first grade students he volunteers with, and that it is -34ºF (-36ºC; wind chill -46ºF/-43ºC) in my hometown of Oregon, Illinois. Naturally, having no idea of the forecast yesterday evening, after a three-hour conversation with Professor Mattox, on account of how cold it was then, I ended up putting off my grocery shopping until today. Oh, joy.
Tags: oregon illinois, random, weather

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