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Theological Notebook: Articles on "The Odes of Solomon" and on the Logos Becoming Incarnate

In a bit of a brain daze today with regard to the dissertation, so I'm going to finish up a couple of older papers as articles and send them off to journals. "The Odes of Solomon: From Apocalypticism to Merkabah Mysticism" is pretty straightforward and needing little editing, comparatively, before sending it off. Mercifully, the journal I'm sending this off to is not too fussy about form and style. For the second article, right now still rather ponderously titled "The Fittingness of 'Fittingness': Comparing Rahner’s The Trinity and Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae on the Necessity of the Second Person Becoming Incarnate" is not so lucky: the journal I've picked out for this one is quite nit-picky about the format of submissions. At least, it's nit-picky in the way that the Chicago Manual of Style is nit-picky: I just wasn't a Chicago disciple when I wrote the original version of the thing, but the dissertation has been quite a tutorial in the system. So anyway, this seemed a good way to turn a brain fart of a day into something productive. I want to put out my article on the apostle Thomas in John 20, too, but I think two proofings is about all I can conjure up in one day.

Heading down for my long-delayed "Christmas" to visit my sister and her family tomorrow, and such other family as can be rallied. She gets some babysitting services from me for the girls while Leslie and Jim head off to a Bulls game on Saturday, and I get my cuteness fix for the month. I just discovered yesterday while talking to her that she has been asked to be the godmother for Nate, and so that'll be sort of fun to be godparents to our nephew together.
Tags: apocalyptic literature, christology, family, johannine literature, mysticism/spirituality, nathaniel, patristics, personal, rahner, systematic theology, theological notebook, thomas aquinas, travel, trinity, writing

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