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Personal/Random: Year In Review Meme


January: I have just returned from family visits over the Christmas holidays to discover the following note at the top of my non-junk mail pile of 172 emails:
Michael Anthony Novak: I've just cancelled my beloved Amazon account because, unaccountably, your name ["full address withheld for privacy reasons/ Gift Registry"] appears on the Amazon page that carries my shipping address.
February: Not paying much attention to pro football, I'm afraid I didn't make plans to do the Superbowl thing this year, which is more or less heresy for half my family.

March: Some late-night grading after an evening spent at the Raynor Library reviewing for my midterm exam with my students, along with some fairly intense and enthusiastic conversation afterwards with two of them, Arthur Orville and Ram Lakhani, who I didn't realize until afterwards were from different sections and who I hadn't introduced. Duh.

April: Sandro Magister's article, with Benedict XVI's text, on the question of the public and historical role of Christianity in Europe's identity and ethics.

May: Here's a glimpse of an ancient past, right out of the ancient scriptures themselves....

June: Huh. I'm just going through a part of my interviews last year with Sullivan where he's talking about Judge John Noonan's book A Church That Can And Cannot Change: The Development of Catholic Moral Teaching. I didn't really think of it at the time, but I actually heard the material of that book in its developmental stage as the (first?) Erasmus Lectures at Notre Dame.

July: Long-awaited, Benedict XVI's letter to Chinese Catholics has finally been released and adds an increased impetus to the People's Republic to join the world with an increased freedom for religious liberty to match their economic liberalization.

August: I’m sitting out in the Courtyard of the Fountain, where the roses have come back since I was last typing out here.

September: An obscure but interesting little piece of computing history.

October: I've long had a special spot for the character Doctor Fate.

November: I had my semi-"blind" date with Faith tonight, over at the Shahrazad Middle Eastern Restaurant on Oakland Avenue this evening, which was a new place for me.

December: John Cavadini, my mentor as a Master's student at Notre Dame and now the Chair of the Department of Theology there, has written what Michel Barnes said might be the best thing he's ever written on Augustine.
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