Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Musical: Brideshead; Trina; String Arrangements for "Listen To You"

Another fabulous description from Brideshead Revisited:

[A monk, who is a great fan, saying] "You seldom go to see cricket?"

"Never," I said, and he looked at me with the expression I have seen since in the religious, of innocent wonder that those who expose themselves to the dangers of the world should avail themselves so little of its varied solace.

That one got me to laugh out loud as I sat by the fountain this afternoon, reading.


I had a long conversation with former student Trina Paris--one I hope will grace us with a journal of her own shortly--about the social service work she's involved in for the summer in the Over The Rhine neighbourhood in Cincinnati. I was staggered by the blanket corruption she described, and the travesty of a city council tearing down public housing and displacing those who couldn't afford anything else so that a developer could put $300,000 condos on the property. I once again felt nothing but awe for people who can give themselves to service without being destroyed by it. I certainly can't.


Knocking myself out again for an hour here (after conversations with my sister, my Mom, Frannie, Kevin's fiance, and a short one with Kevin himself) working some more on string arrangements for "Listen To You." It's getting better. That's not saying much yet, but it's getting better....
Tags: books, friends-notre dame era, literary, musical, personal, quotations, students, waugh

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