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Personal/Random: Not Adrien Brody

Sociologists, Media Studies, and American Studies people, take note: tonight one of the more consistently odd perceptual dynamics I've noted in my life in Milwaukee continued in its inexplicable reliability. Stopping in for a tuna salad sandwich for dinner at Cousins Subs, I made it to the head of the line when the cashier said, "You look like a superstar. But I can't think of who." I said, sure that this would be rejected, "Well, I often get Adrien Brody...." But she shook her head, "No, that's not it." I didn't think so. For I've noticed a pattern I cannot explain. White women think Adrien Brody, whenever this happens, but every black woman in Milwaukee – and lots of them stop me to say this, and the young woman speaking to me was black – always go with... "Well, then otherwise I get Nicholas Cage." "That's it!" she exclaimed, leaving me to wonder about the differences in race perception of males by women and other such arcane subjects. It's bizarre how perfectly consistent this pattern is. Maybe there's a Master's thesis out there for someone....
Tags: cultural, funny, milwaukee, movies/film/tv, personal, random

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