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Personal/Musical: Moments That Justify My Life – The Recording of Chrysogonus Fest

I talked for a long time this afternoon with Mark about Chrysogonus, after letting him know about his death, as well as just catching up. I told him I'd make the digital files of the Chrysogonus Fest recording available to him, as I converted the tape to mp3 files some time ago. Now that I've finally figured out Megaupload's site, I can do this without having to spend hours sending files one at a time, if AOL deigns to let me transmit them. I figured I'd put them here so that he, and the other guys, could grab them at will. Anyone else who has a taste for "spontaneous albums" – this one recorded with a handheld recorder in Chrysogonus' "Hermitage of the Thrice-Blessed Trinity" on the grounds of the Abbey of Gethsemani – this one's one of my favourites.

"Chrysogonus Fest" was an occasionally-annual music and conversation festival held in Chrysogunus' hermitage with Freeks lugging in guitars for a few days of music and talk that ranged from history to poetry, old stories to hopes for the future, all woven through with the thousands of years of Christian spirituality and mysticism brought to the table by the participants. This one was the first, with Erik, J.P., Mark and I heading down over the 4th of July weekend and hiking back into the woods to the hermitage with guitar cases in hand. George and the Freeks had been sort of the unofficial rock band of the monastery, with all of us given quite a bit of extra liberty of the grounds and invited back into a number of functions with the monks. On the 4th, we just talked for hours, with Chrysogonus walking back to the monastery with us because the monks were having pizza and beer for the 4th and he didn't want to miss that special dinner. On the 5th, we promised Chrysogonus his own rock festival, and this recording of that afternoon is an absolute treasure for my memories.

I think that the best Markism of the Fest is when Mark comments to Chrysogonus on J.P.'s choice of playing Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game," saying: "It's about the Jungian archetype of the mandala." You can hear the rest of us staring at him, trying to process that unexpected – and completely facetious – comment, before bursting into laughter.

Chrysogonus Fest – July 5, 1997

[Settling In]
Join Us On the Ride
Seabound Soul
The Man and the Mother (later "Adam and Eve")
The Wind Dance
[Some Time to Recover]
The Circle Game
Don't Go
Springtime of Tomorrow
[Chrysogonus, Merton, and Joan Baez]
Sleepers Awake
Rosa Mystica
[Intro to Lonesome Tide]
Lonesome Tide (later "Then I Awoke")
[Further Reflections]
I Want You To Know
The Little Prince
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