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Theological Notebook: Announcing the "Epiphanies of Beauty" conference at Notre Dame



I realized that several of you might be interested in the subject of this year's Center for Ethics and Culture conference at Notre Dame. "Epiphanies of Beauty: The Arts in a Post-Christian Culture" will be held on the weekend of November 18-20. For me and for many of my friends, this has been the focus of a lot of our conversation and our artistic work (especially songwriting) for many years (consciously and in retrospect), and I really think that it's important for us to be there to listen and to finally have our say. In fact, to finally really work on what it is we have been trying to say to each other the last several years. There are calls for papers and performances. If you are of a similar mind, I encourage you to first go to the link above, check out the call, and to think about what you're doing and could do, and to consider going.

I myself am toying with ideas about "The Arts as Prolegomenon to Theology in a Post-Christian Culture: Potentials and Problems", "Salvador Dali's The Sacrament of the Last Supper: a Theological Re-Assessment", and of course some performance ideas. Proposals are due at the end of July.

Go. Read. Talk. But do not lightly miss this opportunity: I think this conference could be quite important. And, of course, it would be great to share the weekend with folks.

Tags: art, beauty, cultural, ethical, mysticism/spirituality, notre dame, theological notebook

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