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Personal: An Old Note – Thinking of Griff

Heh. Just found a way to re-archive all my old Eudora-based email from the 90s in a contemporary format, so all that stuff is safe now. Opened a note to Erik at random. Good stuff. It had a funny bit at the end of it about my standing weekly lunch with Griff, shortly after I'd started dating Jen S.
Had my usual lunch today with Fr. Griffin and I brought Jen along. It went fabulously. He was his usual interesting and occasionally quirky self. Early on, he put down his fork, cocked his head to one side and said, "You're very pretty. ... [Worried look] Can I say that?" Jen was charmed. I was charmed. She's charming.
Reminds me that I've not talked with her in forever, and have to drop her a line to catch up. And I owe Erik a call. But I'm really really wishing that I could drop by for lunch now with old Griff.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, funny, notre dame, old stories, personal

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