Novak (novak) wrote,

Random/Personal: A Downtown Meteor; Short-Listed

About half an hour ago, walking over to Raynor Library, I saw what very well might have been the brightest, largest-to-the-eye meteor I have ever seen. I think it broke of a section toward the end, before disappearing. I think it was quite close. I was walking down the south side of Wisconsin Avenue, and from in front of the Engineering building it appeared over the Jesuit residence. And here's the thing: I was walking toward the city center, less than a mile away. Significant light pollution. And the sky seems to be that sort of flat, grey, higher-altitude overcast. Which would mean that I saw the meteor in the few miles below the cloud cover. Whatever my unverifiable details, it was spectacular. I looked around in vain for anyone else who saw it, but everyone near me was walking the other way.

Now back to the dissertating. Oh, I already got short-listed at one of schools I interviewed at when I was at AAR. Flying over for an interview in a few weeks. And the drama builds....
Tags: academia, astronomy/space, personal, random

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