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Personal/Musical: Styx at Summerfest

Just in from catching the Styx concert at Summerfest with Kari-Shane, Dan and John. Good music, lots of Guitar-god posing (even if you weren't a guitarist) and the occasional shared flashback as we listened. Some classic tunes in the early end of the set like "Lady," and "Too Much Time On My Hands," with a later medley of no less than eighteen of their songs. "Mr. Roboto" made his only (brief) appearance here, to my mild surprise, given its use in recent advertisements.

I was most pleased with an energetic "Come Sail Away" being the closer. Everything was played pretty "straight" to the recordings, the chief variations here being mostly their blatant enthusiasm. Their first encore put a bit of a spotlight on the band, I thought, by departing from their own repertoire. The keyboardist, a more recent addition to the group named Lawrence Gowan, who handled a large number of the vocals (probably Dennis DeYoung's stuff, I don't know), came off particularly well as they played a classic Ray Charles tune ("straight," in more-or-less his style--I can't remember the name of the tune now). The crowd received that tribute with high spirits and roared its approval when they then launched into "Renegade." The set closed with a particularly odd "goodbye" song that reminded me, somehow, of nothing but the nightly farewell song from the old Muppet Show, not that I can remember a word or a note of that. Whatever. I missed only the song "Double Life" from Kilroy Was Here, which I had found thrillingly dramatic when I was a freshman in high school.
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