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Random: Late-Night Addendum on Computers and Literacy

The last few nights, the security staff at the library have been very prompt in beginning to turn off the lights after the 11:15pm announcement of the 11:30pm closing of Memorial Library, with the lights snapping off within a minute of the announcement, since they typically start up on the 5th floor, where my study carrel is. Coming out of my carrel after being surprised and having to pack in the dark, I saw a big, football-player-sized guy making his way toward me in the light of the few 24-hour lamps still on.

"How do you get out?" he asked me, and I pointed out the stairwell door under the light to him, and began to lead the way down.

"Never been up on the 5th floor before?" I said lightly, so that he wouldn't be embarrassed.

"I always work in Raynor Library," he said, referring to the connecting library that is mostly workspace, with lots of large computer clusters, along with Reference, New Journals, Archives and the Reserve sections.

"You never need the actual books?" I said, with a bit of surprise.

"I usually work with online resources," he said.

And I caught myself before replying, "And you got into Marquette?!"
Tags: books, computing, internet, marquette, random

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