Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Too Much Feast?

Mike Harris and I were just talking about the history of this celebration the other day, and weird modern gnostic/neopagan appropriations of it. Two more applications go in the mail today, though not the one to Saint Michael's College yet (though maybe I should hurry up and finish that one today, just for the symmetry of it). I don't know how I'll squeeze in any feasting today because I'm still dizzy from the very, very best steak I ever have had – the Truffle Seared Tenderloin with chevre whipped potatoes and madeira~black truffle mushrooms over at Roots with Diane on Friday night – and trying to do anything more seems like overkill.


August Vogel
St Michael's Victory Over the Devil
Sculpture above the main entrance to St. Michaelis in Hamburg, Germany.
Tags: academia, food, friends-marquette era, michaelmas, milwaukee, personal, restaurants

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