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Personal: More Busy-ness

Yesterday was such a maddening day! I returned home by 2-something am from the previous night's late hours in the library only to find what sounded like a pleasant (but still too-loud) party going on in the apartment next to my bedroom,which kept me up for another hour or two, only to then be woken up by someone who thought pulling the building's fire alarm would be very funny at 8am. So as I joined the flood of residents heading down the stairs, I realized that I had left my backup hard drive sitting on my desk, next to my computer, along with my laptop in the other room. I had been meaning to leave the backup hard drive at Dan and Amy's for safekeeping for a long time, but kept forgetting to do that, and now I was going to see all the copies of my dissertation and files go kablooie because I had forgotten to grab the thing along with my pants. Fortunately, the alarm turned out to be the idiot prank that it was. And things went chaotic and downhill from there. Laundry finally had to be done as I was down to wearing old coats and shower curtains. A long phone call from a friend in a hard place, more material to be written up for the professors writing job recommendations for me – it kept me going for the whole day.

A few of these job applications require my undergraduate transcripts as well as my graduate ones, and those came in the afternoon mail. It was kind of fascinating to read through my undergraduate transcript again for the first time in years, probably since I applied to Marquette. I had forgotten some of the details, and there was a class or two that I was no longer even sure who had taught it, along with evidence of decisions I could not remember making, like why it was that I did my first semester of Intermediate German and then took the second semester not the following spring, but the spring after that. Similarly, as I was writing up histories of my work for the professors writing for me, I was going back through my files to fill in those details, seeing papers I had forgotten that I'd written, and being really intrigued and impressed by some of the things I had written. Because of the specific information having leaked out of my head, I couldn't write these same papers today, and so they sounded extra-smart to me, which is a kind of silly feeling when you're reading yourself.
Tags: academia, niu, personal, writing

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