Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Taking A Break From Application Stuff

Time for a break! I've been working all day, one way or another, on things associated with the job application business, all of which seems even more all the pressing having lost the last few days to whatever bug had me in a relative stupor all weekend. I tried writing some things while dizzy that now, re-reading them, are clearly am dum. Seriously. That addled. So, I appear to have my wits about me again, more or less, and now am playing catch-up. I can't believe how much stuff I have to do, though, in order to get all these applications put together. So many little things to verify, to put in order for professors so that they can write their letters, and so forth.

Still, a few cool bits: Professor Kurz mentioned to me how he had been hearing from multiple student sources that I was a great classroom instructor, which is gratifying, and Professor Dempsey was adamant in saying that I include in my CV the fact that I was asked to come in and consult for the Department when they were designing parts of the new major in Catholic Theology because I was considered a good teacher and one who was thoughtful or informed regarding high school theological education and the formation of such teachers. So those were both kind things to be told. And, heading downstairs to the Bridge an hour or two ago for a drink, I ran into a former high school student who is in Law School here now, and he wants to head out for drinks, which would be fun.

I was taking care of all my AAR conference stuff the other night, and getting my arrangements ready for interviews while looking around at an apartment full of stuff: I'd so like to fast-forward and just be settled some place already....
Tags: academia, personal, students, teachers, teaching, writing

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