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Personal: Sunrise Armada and LibraryThing

It's a bold orange sunrise this morning over Lake Michigan. The clouds are spaced out and built up just enough to look like an armada of tall ships sailing across the sky. It was all striking enough to make me freeze as I walked past the windows to the kitchen to pour a drink. Finished up the Küng tonight and put it to bed, leaving me only the Rahner and Boff to finish in the historical section of my chapter. I keep thinking I'm done with Rahner, and then find something else in his writing to consider, as though he were still alive and was cranking out articles just to mess with me. But he's building upon and revisiting key ideas enough that I don't need to add too much to what I've already written, and I'm going to forgo Professor Fahey's suggestion that I teach myself Portuguese to read Boff in the original, just to save me a bit of time. I'll check some of the reviews of the translation, just to see if there are any major objections in the area dealing with my theme. I'm getting pretty anxious to move on, and to get something of this chapter into Fahey's hands as quickly as possible. The only other note of the night was my frustration at the fax machine at the Registrar's office at Notre Dame being busy all night so that I couldn't get my transcript request in: I hope that won't be a problem today during business hours.

The other day I finally signed up for LibraryThing, after being tempted to for over a year since frey_at_last first wrote about it. friede had finally bit the bullet and signed up a few weeks ago, writing up some of her experience, and I was sufficiently zoned out in the "I can't write and can't sleep" state for that kind of reference work to seem oddly entertaining. LiveJournal just apparently doesn't work with Java, and so I can't use the cool LibraryThing widget that I admired on Michael Wurtz's blog. Still, that's hardly the worst thing in the world. Mercifully, I was able to import hundreds and hundreds of books I had already marked as my own on Amazon over the years, and so that saved me a bunch of work. Library Thing's printed format will save me a bunch of work should the worst happen to my library, as all the photographs I have uploaded of my shelves in my photo album would still have to by typed up for insurance purposes. That would have been fun. And it's kind of dorky-cool to see some of my academic friends' libraries. Anyway, I stuck the link to my account over in the sidebar, underneath the visitor map.
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