Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Grace's Baptism Anniversary; Work Bits

I think I've got my days straight, which would mean that today is the 6th anniversary of my niece and very first goddaughter Grace's baptism. (I wasn't journaling then. See? Don't keep a journal and your whole life turns into a smudge of memory.) I've got a present I've been waiting to give her for years, once she's was old enough to know a little bit about what this all means, and so I wish I was down visiting the family today so I could take advantage of the actual date of the anniversary. But the next regular visit will have to do, although maybe I can catch on the phone tonight. She's very much enjoying the adventure of the first grade, by all reports, and reading like a champion.

Meanwhile, in dissertation land, today is the day I attempt to finish up with Küng. I met with Joe Mueller the other day, who is now an Associate Dean of the Arts and Sciences college, and he gave me some good ideas for the fourth chapter, and how that might make a good article in itself, and so I took some time to write those down and flesh them out a wee bit while the brain was storming. I had some good time talking shop Saturday when I joined the post-Patristics-picnic party over at the Lloyds, with Dan, Mike Anthony and Professor Barnes. Anthony is far enough along to be scouting the Early Christianity positions and so we had some talk about that, as well as what I'm looking at, particularly the off-track idea of applying to be a Tutor at St. John's College in Annapolis. Barnes is a St. John's grad and, while loving it, agreed with me that it would be the death of research, though far from the death of learning. Been doing CV stuff this weekend, too, getting paperwork ready, along with some long exchanges via email with Father Coffey in Sydney while also arranging his letter. But I do hate applications.
Tags: dissertation, family, friends-marquette era, grace, personal

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