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Personal/Random: LiveJournal Problem?

Here's a tiny bit of LiveJournal fright: I see that three of my userpics now feature pictures other than the one's I uploaded, and that a number of others of mine have the images switched to those of other names. Instead of my picture I labled "Conversation," of me with wry expression in conversation after a Nashville recording session, I have a picture of some sort of anime chick and her monkey. Is that what you-all see? I don't think I've been hacked, but I'd just as much hate to see something accidental destroy any part of my journal as someone evil do so. Once again, I find myself wishing for a LiveJournal function that would let me download and back up the entire database of my journal: entries, comments, pics and all.

Any of you having any similar issues? I don't see anything mentioned in LJ news about it....
Tags: computing, internet, livejournal, personal, random

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