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Random: Dan O'Brien on the Tube

Only once, some months ago did I catch that McDonald's commercial. Just the once, probably because I don't watch that much TV. Now, I've always kinda thought, without really thinking about it, that real people don't live in the little box in my living room – no more so than do I expect the actors and actresses in the box to bump into me on the street. So it wasn't until the end of the McDonald's commercial that I suddenly realized, "%&*#!! That's Dan O'Brien!!" Who is Dan O'Brien? An old pal from Notre Dame days, who I was in the Folk Choir with, and who headed off to pursue his acting in New York after graduation. What's especially funny about some of the comic bits is just how ... Dan they are. Totally a different character, but still hinting at something I could see Dan himself doing or saying.

The strange thing is, I'm not sure, but I might have actually seen the Cingular commerical, too. But again: I guess that I just don't expect real people to be there and somehow, if I did see it, sort of watched him without it registering that it was really him. After the McDonald's commercial, though, I actually looked to see if he had an acting reel up on YouTube, but no such luck. To my great delight, though, I got a tip the other day that there finally was such a beastie. So I'm delighted to see that Dan's getting some good commercial gigs and such like this.

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