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Personal/Musical: The Saw Doctors Play IrishFest – Again!

Oi. Happy New Year Part Two – the Saw Doctors' second of their double-header gigs at Milwaukee's IrishFest this year. Last night's show was more of a "greatest hits" set; tonight it was a lot of their great stuff that doesn't make that top list so often, which made the show all the more cool, to my mind. And this time, I recorded it:
That's What She Said Last Night
Bless Me Father
We May Never Get To Say Good-Bye Again
Tommy K
She's Got It
All The Way From Tuam
Never Mind The Strangers
Share The Darkness
Green and Red of Mayo
World of Good
Clare Island (Another great live version – perhaps with "Green and Red" their consistently best song performed live, so I add here a YouTube link to a recent performance for your own pleasure.)
Michael D. Rocking in the Dáil
Why Do I Always Want You

Hay Wrap (chorus/riffs from Free's "All Right Now" and "Green Acres")
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