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Personal/Musical: The Saw Doctors [Finally!] Play IrishFest

The setlist for the Saturday 16 August 2008 10:30pm concert at the Aer Lingus Stage by the mighty Saw Doctors. Mike has, in the company of Saw Doctors newbie Diane, a very happy new year.
Macnas Parade
Fortunately (A new song to me)
Tommy K
Why Do I Always Want You
Red Cortina
Green and Red of Mayo
Galway and Mayo (with "Maroon and White")
Exhilarating Sadness
To Win Just Once
Clare Island (under the full moon: brilliant. Leo kept glancing up at it through the song with a faraway look in his eyes....)
Joyce Country Ceili Band
That's What She Said Last Night
I'll Be On My Way

What A Day
Hay Wrap (with "Fight For Your Right" and "Green Acres" interludes/riffs)
Tags: friends-marquette era, ireland, milwaukee, musical, personal, setlists

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