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Personal: Dissertating; Finding Beth

Another dissertation day, mostly hanging with Käsemann, Küng, and a tough critique of them on the biblical exegesis/idea of charisms by one Albert Vanhoye, S.J. that I was lucky to find. The breaks were taken up with laundry and packing as I take off tomorrow for Leslie and Jim's as they host a family baby shower for Joe and Daniele. I'm then off to Dad's for a few days, laptop and dissertation in hand, with orders that he makes sure I put in a few hours' work while with him.

But there was an unexpected pleasure and surprise to be the big cherry on top of the day. I woke up from a dream I was having where I was essentially replaying a story I'd told recently, of back in undergrad where I spent a day with Beth H., while she was working on a biology project. It was November and getting quite brisk, and we spent a Saturday afternoon standing in a stream in a patch of woods off in the country, where she was doing some kind of water-flow and life/species-density measurements, if I recall correctly. I was along as Chief Assistant Box Carrier and Holder of the Other Pole, and spent the day just listening to her explain the things she was doing to me, enjoying what I could understand of it all, and especially just enjoying her pleasure in the work. As I was getting the day going, I idly googled her to see if she had any web presence and if I could see what she was up to, since we'd been out of touch for quite a while.

Knock me over if it didn't look like she was living a few blocks away from me.

I found a likely-looking email address, dropped the theoretically-her a line, and heard back in the afternoon that it was indeed her. So we have vague plans to get together some time next week, and I think it's the coolest thing to be able to get a chance to catch up with another old friend.
Tags: biblical studies, dissertation, dreams, friends-niu era, internet, niu, personal, random

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