Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Musical: The Saw Doctors at Summerfest

The Saw Doctors' setlist for their gig at Summerfest, my first summer in Milwaukee, as best as I recalled it. They had some fellows from the Hothouse Flowers join them here and there, after they had completed their set immediately prior.... This was my first chance to see the Saw Doctors live.

What A Day
Tommy K
Green and Red of Mayo
Exhilarating Sadness
To Win Just Once
It Won't Be Tonight
Clare Island (A version that blew the band away, as they stared out at the huge crowd with the moonlight shining down from behind them, where it had risen over the Lake. Leo was giddy, giggly, and a bit thrown for a minute afterward, as he photographed the crowd so as to remember the moment. I wish I had this version on a bootleg!)
World of Good
Share the Darkness
Wake Up Sleeping
Why Do I Always Want You
She Says
Galway And Mayo
I'll Be On My Way
Joyce Country Céilí Band
D'ya Wanna Hear My Guitar?
I Useta Lover
Hay Wrap
Tags: milwaukee, musical, personal, setlists

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