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Personal: Wine and Conversation with Julie; A Dissertation Thought

Last night I took some time to just hang out with Julie, which I hadn't had a chance to do since right before I took off for Wyoming. We ended up not heading out to anyplace but just opening up a bottle of wine and settling in at her kitchen table, away from where Jackie was working, which was actually just the perfect thing for the night: we hadn't just sat and talked over wine in a while, and that's always been fun. The best thing about talking with Jules is that we kind of love talking in the same, wildly-digressing way that's open to everything and not too terribly concerned about getting off track. So over the course of a bottle of a good inexpensive Australian Shiraz called Wyalla Cove, I seem to remember hitting:
• the Wyoming retreat
• the necessary right timing for retreats to be worthwhile
• when friends irritate
• differences between friendships that fade with loss of contact and those that do not
• my new photo display in my apartment and my failure to have yet taken a really good portrait of Julie
• Julie's personal book of quotations (my contribution, from when I was a TA teaching a session of her class: "We can never get to the bottom of another human being.", or something like that)
• my comments on how I have since kept using that point in my own classes, generally to try to "normalize" something of the finite/infinite divide in relating to the Triune God.
• the Brewers and the Cubs (with Jackie joining in briefly on that)
• dating while on a countdown to moving away
• the redistribution of brain functions after dismemberment
• the neurological nature of the "phantom limb" phenomenon
• justice and prioritizing in social services versus a "first come, first served" system
Sex and the City
• the appeal of Sex and the City for the contemporary American female mind
Melrose Place
• the acting career of Marcia Cross
• the Nineties in general
• the weight of pop culture in defining an era
The Dark Knight
Memoirs of a Geisha
• the "book versus film" argument, both with regard to Memoirs of a Geisha and as such
• the re-reading of books
• differences in how the two of us hear or listen to music
Now I'm curious as to what her list would remember.... So, just good talk, ending with the dual subject of whether I was too wobbly to make it home on the bus (no) and when I would show her Before Sunset.

By contrast the last few days' research on Rahner seems a bit of a blur. I think I'm writing a lot that will not actually be included in the dissertation once it comes time to trim this chapter, but which still has to be written, nevertheless. I can't trim down the material to its essentials until I do the breadth of the work that lets me see what the essential information is among all the possible information on the subject.
Tags: conversations, dissertation, friends-marquette era, personal, quotations, wine

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