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Personal: My Nephew Not-Joe; Out at Mo's Pub with my Cousin Ben

Hmmmm. A long day of mostly writing. The big announcement of announcements is that I finally talked to my brother Joe yesterday, after playing phone tag for a few days, and thus finally learned that my sister-in-law Daniele had an ultrasound the other day and now we know that she is expecting my first nephew this October. Because my uncle Joseph never married and had any children, my brother, as the last of the males borne in our generation, inherited the dynastic name of Joseph Novak (IV). Since our cousin Steve named his first Joseph, as well, Joe does not feel any need to pass on "Joseph" to his son, although I think that once you get up to such numbers, passing on the heritage of the name is quite cool.

This automatic spell check that LiveJournal has added in recent years is a fabulous asset, given how tipsy my spelling is after an awful Shiraz, two Baileys, and a Jameson's-and-Coke shot.

Just in after a night out at Mo's Irish Pub with my cousin Ben. I missed Ben's graduation party (combined with his sister Becca's returned-from-a-year-in-Ecuador party) on Saturday due to our outlandish weather (we had yet another tornado warning today), so it was good to get a chance to catch up before he went off to upstate New York for the summer this Sunday, working at a camp for emotionally disturbed teens, which should be a great experience for him. This will be a bit of an interlude until he heads off to Spain later in the year (he is a student of Spanish and spent a year in Argentina, himself)

Time with Ben was interesting, as usual, just catching up with one another. We've started to become friends of a sort in recent years, since he's been able to go out in this way, and it's something I've really come to enjoy, though, as I told him, it cracks me up that I can remember being a kid when he was a newborn and holding him in one hand. Now he's much bigger than I am, a sort of Clark Kent-looking fellow, and we sat at a table and caught one another up on our lives and people-watched the crowd around us. That is, until Drunk Weird Guy sat down with us, smiling and shouting "Semper Fi!," shortly before we were going to call it quits, anyway, as Ben works early in the moring. But we got in a lot of talking about how school finished up for him, about travel, about women, and the occasional Old Story as we brought one another up to speed. Given that I spent a couple of great summers of my life as an undergraduate working as a camp counselor, I'll be interested in hearing how this experience goes for him when he gets back in August. And I'm going to go end the night with a novel.
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