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Personal/Musical: Catching Prince at Summerfest

Well, went to the Prince concert and just like I feared, all 35,000 people stared at me the whole time going, "Man, that guy came alone. How sad." Absolutely mortifying. The tragedy is that my cousin could have made it after all, even with his baseball commitment: the concert was supposed to start at 7 and we sat there until 8:45 before he took the stage.

It was however, an entirely exhilarating concert: amazing funk mixed with pop and rock, a genre or area of music I've never come near, myself, and so somehow extra exciting and fascinating at this point where I'm really thinking a lot about writing and arranging. He did a lot of his hits done in medley form during the first set, with a second set opening with three or four full-length pieces (like "Little Red Corvette," and "Raspberry Beret") done with just him and an acoustic guitar (purple, cutaway). The last song of the acoustic interlude was blissfully "7" which broke into full band at the end of the first verse.

The utterly rocking dance climax of the show was highlighted by the Summerfest Opening-Night fireworks going off almost next to the Marcus Amphitheater: since I was sitting on the lawn (ie--no roof) toward the south end, I had a fabulous angle of getting both the stage and the absurdly-long fireworks display. Made for a brilliant evening, finally ending with a single encore of "Purple Rain." (The Journal Sentinel's review can be found here.) Then I hobbled home, ate some leftover Carolina barbecue, and collapsed watching Love Actually. That said, I shall listen to where I got the new song I was working to last night, read a chapter of The Order of the Phoenix, and retire. Toodles, all!

Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U
When Doves Cry / Kiss
1999 Intro - Baby I'm A Star
D.M.S.R. medley , I Feel 4 You , Controversy / A Love Bizzare / Controversy
Renato interlude
What A Wonderful World (by Maceo)
Little Red Corvette
Raspberry Beret
Telemarketer Blues
Alphabet Street
Sweet Thing
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Sign O The Times
Dear Mr. Man
Whole Lotta Love
Let's Work
U Got The Look
Life O' The Party
Soul Man
Take Me With U
Purple Rain
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