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Personal: A List of Good Things

A list of Good Things today:
• For the first time in well over a decade, I wore my favourite shirt – from high school. I think it's acceptable again, and maybe even stylishly retro.

• One of my really interesting students from this semester asked me if I'd be teaching anything in the Fall Semester: the ultimate compliment.

• Today's closing sessions for the Theology Through the Centuries course featured fabulous conversations with, or contributions from, the students on the great practicality of good theologies of the Trinity and of the Incarnation, which, with "Salvation," were the three big organizational themes of the course.

• Multiple students brought in guests for class today because apparently even my closing session might be cool.

• Root beer. I mean, just in general.
Tags: class-theology through the centuries, high school, personal, students, teaching

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