Novak (novak) wrote,

Musical: Springtime of Tomorrow

Springtime of Tomorrow
    words by Novak
    music by Novak/Hurt

[capo 3]

Bm               Bm/A
Dance with me, laugh with me
Cmaj7            C9
Let these days flow past with me
        G        Em          F#4-3
Let tomorrow worry about itself.
Bm             Bm/A
Listen for the melody
       Cmaj7         C9
That runs away and hides from me
         G        Em             A4-3
Let's find it and make it all our own.

Chorus 1
For today
Is the springtime of tomorrow
      Em    G           A4-3
So let's let life run its course.
Let every shout rise like bread
Every hidden prayer left unsaid
      G       A           D
Run laughing through our song.

[ A4-3  G  D/F#  Em  F#4-3 ]

       Bm           Bm/A
The memories of yesterday
      Cmaj7      C9
are left behind; I run away
  G              Em             F#4-3
I won't let them keep a hold on me.
       Bm                 Bm/A
There is no pain that we won't forget
            Cmaj7              C9
and there's so much living we haven't lived yet
G           Em      A4-3
We're not bound by misery.

Chorus 2
For today
Is shorter than tomorrow
   C                 G         A4-3
Tomorrow is the rest of history.
I wanna feel it now--let's live today
Don't let our fears get in the way
   G       A              D
Hoping is how we move along.

     Bm              Bm/A
The ways of life are wild, you see
Cmaj7                C9
Life runs away then comes back to me
   G              Em             F#
I just let go and all it does is grow.
     Bm                      Bm/A
I'll hold your hand if you'll share the way
           Cmaj7        C9
So let's let forever start today
  G               Em            A4-3
Just a smile and I'll be ready to go.

jam--change to relative major

Chorus 1--Verse 1--Chorus 1--Chorus 1!

Major Verse        4th Chorus
D            C9s are C9-5s
Am  Am7
G  Em  A4-3
C9  C9-5
G Em A4-3

Last Chorus
Em  G  C  G  A
C9 (add A)
G9  A8  D
Tags: musical, the renaissance men

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