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Musical: The Saw Doctors at Irish Fest – Make It A Double!

The new year will start with a bang this year – I think of the new year beginning halfway through August on August 16th, if you don't know that one – as the good news has come that The Saw Doctors (The Saw Doctors) will be over from Tuam and playing Irish Fest for two nights this year! I'm already wired in excitement. Y'all should do yourselves a favour and show up for one of these shows. I've seen them at Summerfest, and over at the casino, but I've been aghast that they haven't played the festival the whole time I've been here. Short of U2 showing up for it, this is the best news possible. Now we just need Janet Harbison, Fionnuala Rooney or her brother Michael Rooney to be in the Harp Tent and all will be as good as it can be. (Although I'm sure that there are many more great harpists beyond these few I've heard.)
Tags: america, cultural, ireland, milwaukee, musical

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