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Personal: The University of Durham calls

The University of Durham – Durham, England – is offering a one-year positon teaching undergrads philosophical/systematic theology at the rate of £27,466 to £32,796 per annum. It's a one-year, crap position, if with the (for me) glamorous benefit of being in England. But given that my own one-year crap position here at Marquette has paid me more on the order of $10,000 for a year's work, with the chief benefit being the utter disruption of my ability to do dissertation research (which the Durham job would also do), I find myself wishing that I could dramatically break into sincere weeping when I look at the British offer. I think the pound is still going two-to-one against the dollar, right? Maybe I'll just publish a letter in the student newspaper and give all my students "A"s at the end of the semester in protest.
Tags: academia, dissertation, europe, marquette, personal, writing

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