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Personal: Limping Along

Honestly, it's been one of those semesters.

I had noted to friends, rather happily, that in the past three years, I think, I hadn't had anything as bad as a week-long cold. Here and there just an "off" feeling day, but that was it. The Irish peasant's belief in luck yammers at me that this is the sort of thing you're insane to say out loud: anything good that happens "will have to be paid for."

Thus we come to this semester.

All Marquette has been struggling with this cold/flu/lung infection since January, passing it back and forth to one another, and I was no exception. That blasted me for about two months, knocking me down in two different waves, once for a week. Then after spring break I got these gassy cramps in my digestive system, waking me up every hour for a couple of nights, making any real sleep impossible for a few days. After a week, that fades away, only for me to wake up Friday with my face looking like I'd slept in a helmet stuffed with salt. Seriously: my skin went so dry and flakey, all over, but especially on my face, that I wouldn't go outside all weekend: I was too hideous to be seen. I don't know if I had some kind of allergic reaction or what. I only made it to BSG night on Friday with the Lloyds, Harris men, and Barnes, because I'd liberally bathed in moisturizing cream. This is fading, finally, so I think I'll be able to face my class tomorrow, but I'm left wondering just what's coming next. Someone's doing wacky things to a voodoo doll of me, somewhere.

So there's my complaint/rant/explanation for having largely disappeared the last few weeks. I owe a bunch of friends some serious social time after blowing everyone off, but I've still got a pile of papers to grade and am trying to focus on that. And not scratching.

Life needs to get more interesting soon, but not in the Chinese "May you live in interesting times" curse sort of way. I'm beginning to really look forward to this do-it-yourself "Guys Retreat" we have coming up in May, after my semester ends. This is my Google Earth scout of the location and the view, and I'm looking forward to this kind of change in scenery.
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