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Personal: Lame Entry: My Life as a Chemical Weapon; Putzing with Graphics; The First Robin(s)

Kind of a lame couple of days. My vague temptation to tag along on the Marquette bus with my track team student Erynn for her meet at the University of Missouri today was tempered by the fact that I not only had to teach today, but that an inexpensive visit to Emily that way wasn't possible anyway as she was in Portland for the national 18th Century Brit Lit conference. And anyway, I've had these uncomfortable cramps on and off again for the last 48 hours, now, just some gas from something I ate, I suppose, but enough that I'll constitute a treaty violation at some point down the line. No fun.

I bailed on a dinner invitation yesterday with the Lloyds because I was uncomfortable enough that I knew it was just going to make me distracted and wishing that I was at home. (My baby-whisperer work with Owen has even expanded to Dan holding the phone to Owen's ear and me telling him to calm down and go to sleep, and Amy said they'd like to treat me to dinner in gratitude for their own resulting good night's sleep.) For me on the other hand, this thing keeps waking me up about every hour and so I've been a bit foggy, though I think I managed today's lesson on the dense and difficult Cur Deus Homo? (Why Did God Become Human?) by Anselm reasonably well. I spent about eight hours prepping thirty pages there, which gives some sense of how loaded a text it is. I am dismayed when I think of the 40 or 50 pages the students are reading for Tuesday: I don't know that we'll cover those as completely as I'd like, but this is all a first-time effort for me.

The high point of the last two days thus ended up being my student Jessica dropping in to talk during my office hours yesterday. Jess jumped from Biomeds to Theology and Philosophy after taking my Intro to Theology class last year, and thus is one of those students you kind of feel slightly amazed around in realizing the concrete effect you can have on another person's life and vision. She's heading down to Notre Dame for the weekend, taking in the Edith Stein conference with friends with whom she formed a Chesterton-reading society here at Marquette, and we talked about Notre Dame's campus and sights to see: it got me a bit nostalgic. My chief recommendation was her walking around Saint Mary's Lake: walking around Saint Mary's Lake was where I did the bulk of my Master's work. Too bad it's still too early for those cute little turtles to be out....

I see that Adobe released a free online service version of their Photoshop program today, to try to compete with those kinds of basic service. Naturally, this comes as I'm waiting for my pre-paid copy of next Tuesday's release of Photoshop Elements 6 for the Mac. I've been without a Photoshop program since I upgraded to this new computer and had to leave my OS 9 Photoshop behind for good. Tonight that leaves me restless as I'm in that vague and distracted mood where I like to putz around with graphics for fun, something that requires some creativity or thought, but not enough where I'd be alert enough to do school research. It's been frustrating not to have that outlet for the last several months, so I'm eager for April 1st to roll around and that new software to arrive. I can't even do something as basic as a LiveJournal icon as well as I'd like to, leaving a few new ones I've added a bit fuzzy-looking to my eye after using the LJ icon-maker. Still, I think I'd done a number from favourite movies or such since I last put a pile of them up for grabs here:

I wanted to call Grace today to let her know that I finally saw my first robin of spring. Actually, there were a group of seven of them outside of LaLumiere after my first class this morning, just as our unwelcome snowfall was beginning. The eagle-eyed Gracie had beaten me to the punch by a full two weeks, crowing about having seen on Friday morning as she headed out to school when I was down babysitting her the other week. I was secretly pleased that with no prompting at all – at least from me – that she took it to be as important a sign of the coming of springtime as I do, as I look forward to that first recognition of the birds each year.
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