Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: "Best Friend" Meme

I filled this in as I was just reading it off of mszimbolist's journal.

My Best Friend is amea
Our 16 common interests are: aragorn, augustine, c.s. lewis, christianity, fairy tales, harry potter, history, j.r.r. tolkien, lord of the rings, monty python, mythology, philosophy, silmarillion, singing, star wars, stephen r. lawhead
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I was a bit surprised at first, thinking, "Hey, I already know her!" I thought that the program was going to search all LJ users, so I was amazed that I'd already met this one, but now I'm thinking it just looked at your Friends list. So there you go. I'll have to swing by, Amea, next time I'm either in Kansas or California. Lessee... last time I was in Kansas was '88, and California was '93.... So don't hold your breath. :-)
Tags: friends-marquette era, meme, random

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