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Personal/Theological Notebook: A sucky journal entry for a sucky day

Auto response from NovakFreek:    I am away from my computer right now.
NovakFreek:    27 Jennifers?
NovakFreek:    Nice!
friede:    *bows*
friede:    feeling better?
NovakFreek:    Strangely, I think I just saw this "Mike Doughty" being recommended by one of the Freeks, lj user= weaklingrecords
NovakFreek:    No, I just crawled out of bed again.
friede:    poor baby!
friede:    still?
NovakFreek:    Yeah.  I got up to go to the "Theological Event of the Year," the Pere Marquette Lecture, which really was cutting-edge this year, at what I thought was 2pm....
friede:    oh no.  you didn't get Daylight Saving Time Mixup...
NovakFreek:    Indeed I did.  I thought, "Huh.  They must have started right on time.  I can't be but a minute late, if that."  I thought about slouching into a back seat, but instead walked boldly down toward the front to where I like to sit, in full view of the faculty, who all turned to stare, I do believe.  Then I got my copy of the lecture out, listened, and thought, "This isn't at the beginning...."
friede:    poor Mike!
NovakFreek:    Eh.  I had prepped the thing because I was leading this undergrad THEO discussion on it at 4, which had three people.  But three really good people, and another faculty member, who had arranged the whole thing.
friede:    :-)
friede:    thank goodness for THAT, at least.
NovakFreek:    Eh.  So, I think I just wrote enough to make my journal entry for the event. 
friede:    aha
NovakFreek:    So now I have to type up the rest of a midterm.  OH. And I found out from said faculty member that Midterm Grades are due tomorrow, which she was grousing was way the hell earlier than ever before, so that my Midterm won't even be included!
friede:    oh for the love of God.
NovakFreek:    Oh, yes.  It's a sucky, sucky week all around.  On the other hand, I did just dream that I stole a semi-trailer....
friede:    there are no words for my expression right now. WTF
Tags: dreams, musical, personal, père marquette lecture, teaching, theological notebook

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