Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Life Not Being Much of a Party, and Hoping It Will Be with the Nieces

A miserable day. The cold-thing has come back this week with a vengeance, and I've barely been holding it together for work. I croaked and wheezed my way through my classes yesterday, and have spent the time since in a stupor in-between bouts of coughing out my lungs. It's an effort just to hold my head up at times. I certainly couldn't do our social stuff tonight – I didn't even let Dan come in when he stopped by this afternoon, not wanting this bug to pass – and I'm really hoping this improves by Sunday. I've got a copy of Fr. Joseph Komonchak's Père Marquette Lecture to read before the Lecture on Sunday and before the undergraduate Theology Department discussion on the Lecture I'm supposed to moderate. And I'm spending the weekend writing my Midterm Exam, which seems laughable as I'm writing this whiny journal entry, because you wouldn't believe the amount of mistakes I'm making in my typing right now and how much backtracking I'm having to do to correct them.

Mostly, I'm freaked out that this could somehow linger and disrupt my plans to head down to babysit the nieces over the first weekend of Spring Break. I've not seen them since the Christmas holidays, when little Sophia was just starting to take a few steps as she smiled and said, "Hi!" and "Hey!" to everyone who caught her eye: she'll be so different now, after only two months. And of course, Grace and Haley are the type of girls who can turn anything into a party, even just having their hands on something that looks like party hats, as I was remembering over the last day....
Tags: class-theology through the centuries, family, friends-marquette era, grace, haley, personal, père marquette lecture, sophia, youtube

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