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Theological Notebook: Origen Quote (and Bono riff)

Thinking of Origen the other day, and how he's usually poorly represented in brief sketches of him, made me remember a favourite quotation from his On First Principles. That, in turn, made me remember a similar thought stated more briefly by another favourite writer of mine.

"But of all the marvelous and splendid things about him there is one that utterly transcends the limits of human wonder and is beyond the capacity of our weak mortal intelligence to think of or understand, namely how this mighty Power of the divine majesty, the very Word of the Father, and the very Wisdom of God, in which were created 'all things visible and invisible,' can be believed to have existed within the compass of that man who appeared in Judaea; yes, and how the Wisdom of God can have entered into a woman's womb and been born as a little child and uttered noises like those of crying children; and further, how it was that he was troubled, as we are told, in the hour of death, as he himself confesses when he says, 'My soul is sorrowful even unto death;' and how at the last he was led to that death which is considered by men to be the most shameful of all, – even though on the third day he rose again."
– Origen of Alexandria, c. 186- c. 254
"That there’s a force of love and logic behind the universe is overwhelming to start with, if you believe it. But the idea that that same love and logic would choose to describe itself as a baby born in shit and straw and poverty, is genius. And brings me to my knees, literally."
– Bono
Tags: christianity, incarnation, patristics, quotations, theological notebook, u2

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