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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Personal/Musical: Feeling Better; "Avalon Sunset" by Van Morrison 
22nd-Feb-2008 03:01 pm
Feeling so much better. 20 hours of sleep out of 30 over Thursday-Friday seems to have helped with a lot of that, leaving me with that well-rested and content feeling on top of just feeling well, other than feeling slightly guilty for seeming to be a lazy slug. A long shower and double shampoo was also a bonus.

In the mail arrives a bonus for my celebration of a new day's health: Van Morrison's re-released and re-mastered masterpiece Avalon Sunset. I've been trying to get my hands on a CD of this for years on eBay, but could never win at a price I didn't consider excessive, and it had been long out of print, being a rather unrecognized masterpiece, I think, although a lesser light like Rod Stewart certainly got lots of mileage off of the fabulous love song Morrison wrote here, "Have I Told You Lately?"

But for my money, I also have to rank as favourite songs "Whenever God Shines His Light," "Daring Night," and "When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God?," which gives the collection its quietly Arthurian title. All of these rank as some of the great Christian pieces of music of the latter part of this past century, in this time after Morrison's conversion. I was first taken with the poppy "Whenever God Shines His Light," the duet with fellow musical convert Cliff Richard, when I first borrowed a taped copy of the CD from new friend Chris Urosevich my junior year of undergrad. I remember that it became an important part of a mix I made at the time for Jenny Patton, though I was so new to the music that I didn't even know the track's name on my unmarked tape, and wrote down an incorrect guess on the mix tape. Roommate David Nutting and I even toyed with doing the song for a service at church. It took time for the quieter and more subtle music of "When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God?"to grow on me, or for me to recognize the ecstatic and erotic Holy Spirit imagery of "Daring Night," both of which might have become more important songs to me in the end: tough for even me to tell.

But it's soooo good to finally have it all in my ears and heart and collection again.
22nd-Feb-2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you're feeling better, and always mildly amazed that you know even more Jen(n)/(i/y)s than I do...
24th-Feb-2008 08:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, it got to feel over-the-top this last time, as though I couldn't meet a Jennifer without dating her. As a group, they make up between a quarter and a third of my Significant Others. This Jenny was my first, not including the other various Jennifers in my life, like my oft-times Show Choir dance partner in high school.
24th-Feb-2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
Note to self: do not introduce younger sibling to Mike, no matter how much she asks...
25th-Feb-2008 06:52 am (UTC)
I'll have to try to work out just who should find that insulting....

25th-Feb-2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Short answer: see it as a compliment?

Happily, my Jenni is already full up in her quota of tall, dork, and silly. And all the other Jens I know are attached, parents, and/or Satanists, I think...

Oh, except Jen the ex-Mormon here, who would be good for comics discussion (it's her new research area), but is a little too ex-Mormon-mother-of-two and madcap for you.

Oh, or Jen H, the farm-girl child of ex-religious who's a small-town teacher in her hometown in MO and used to run the Newman outfit around here. But I think she's too old for you...

Edited at 2008-02-25 03:47 pm (UTC)
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