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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Personal: In Which Mike Has An Excessively Low-Key Weekend 
3rd-Feb-2008 10:44 pm
Half  Face
It's been a low-key weekend. Today has just been a day of quiet reading where the biggest event was a talk with Dad on the phone and an email with my Mom's new email address. Yesterday was just as quiet. I got in around a quarter after eleven last night from an eight-hour run at the library. Scratch that: I had run home for an hour around 7:30 because I couldn't go any longer without eating, and so I had some pork tenderloin. But I got caught up on the work for Theology Through the Centuries that I had to let slide with moving Mom last weekend, getting their first graded assignments taken care of, finally, and thinking through what feedback to give them as a class on Tuesday. I think I want to process a bit with them how this discussion rubric is functioning, among other things. But it felt good to get all of that caught up, to set up my grading system on D2L, and to start to see what they were accomplishing on their own.

I did take some time for fun, though, on Friday, studying for a bit in the library with Dan and then heading down to his place, where the Harrises also were joining us for dinner. Though they left around nine since their young ones were not settling into sleep there, I stuck around and the conversation carried on until midnight. There was a lot of politics in the air, with mostly talk about the primaries, which candidates for which parties and that sort of thing, and our surprise at Edwards' suspending his campaign already when he looked to be in such a position to become a kingmaker in the Democratic party. We also spent a particular amount of time being spent on the question of the candidates and the appointing of judges, and how their judicial inclinations had not really been an issue up to this point. Somehow politics seemed to fill up most of the space: I can recall a few words being invested elsewhere: my and Dan's classes, Amy's business trip the other week, my Mom's retirement party and the move and the nieces, but that was about it. I even did some dissertation work on a pad of paper while the couples were putting their little ones down. I'm not quite sure how that all took us to midnight. We had a very yummy chili and cornbread, and I'll have to get the chili recipe from Dan: it had all sorts of subtle underflavours that I liked, though they all seemed to be from things I didn't like on their own that he'd thrown into the mix.

I'd also had a long talk with Emily the other night, on Gulf Coast construction as her folks finish their "Sandbox" project, doctoral program minutiae and dissertating blues, a bit on the eighteenth century novel, Bryn Mawr traditions, and at the end, some of the literary criticism she'd had me read on Identity Crisis. This made for diverting entertainment as my Thursday migraine-or-whatever-it-was began to fade away.

Wow, that really is quiet. It's been so long since I've been shot at, chased with a truck, trapped in an elevator shaft, or had my home set on fire.* Not that I need to revisit any of those moments, but I really feel like after re-reading what I've written that I ought to conjure up some drama, if just for my heart rate to vary.

* Yes, these are all true incidents.
4th-Feb-2008 05:04 am (UTC)
Dull is highly underrated, in my humble opinion. But then, I enjoy being very boring, and mock-resent the idea that I am "diverting" :)


(There's probably something to be said for the fact that I didn't bat an eye until I got to that)
5th-Feb-2008 12:37 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah. A panhandler back in South Bend that I'd run into a number of times and helped occasionally, who also knew which building P.J. (who had encountered him with me) and I lived in. One night he got into the building around 1am (I was asleep as it was a school night and I'd be teaching at Saint Joe's the next day) and started a fire, also immediately – and apparently to his mind, responsibly – pulled the fire alarm, and was waiting outside the door when I came out, upon which he asked me if I could spare any cash.

As I was near this stairwell and more-or-less the first person out of the building, only to find him there, it didn't take a whole lot of brain power to find this suspicious. The entire populace of the apartment building more-or-less turned him in upon the arrival of the police.
5th-Feb-2008 01:47 am (UTC)
...wow. that's amazingly unthinkable. I mean, I can imagine it, but the mind reels...

...You were asleep at 1 AM?
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