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Personal/Musical: Over The Rhine at Schuba's

Retroactive journal entry from my private journals: a setlist from an Over The Rhine concert in Chicago at Schubas Tavern on Friday 18 July 1997, which I went and saw with J.P. Hurt. At this point in the history of the group, the four-piece band era was at an end, with guitarist Ric Hordinski having left the group after the 1996 release of Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Home Recordings and The Darkest Night of the Year. The short-lived six-piece band lineup had now emerged. I had recently come into possession of the then seemingly-select recording Besides for members of the official fan club (an abortive attempt at an annual limited-edition "best of" set of outtakes and live recordings – an idea only recently come to fruition in their annual Live From Nowhere discs, the third of which I have recently ordered as I type this at the end of 2007). While featuring a new lineup, most striking for having a second female vocalist providing BGVs or matching vocal lines for Karin Berquist, the song lineup was still made up the corpus of music written during the four-piece era.
The People Here Are Not Shy (recorded intro from Besides)
Bothered (piano version)
All I Need Is Everything
Faithfully Dangerous
Paul and Virginia
Latter Days
The Seahorse –> Summertime (very end)
Jack's Valentine
A Gospel Number
Goodbye (a new one)

And Can It Be
Go Down Easy
Tags: friends-notre dame era, musical, over the rhine, personal, setlists

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