Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Movies, Mom, Recovering, and a Flashback to Youth

I just had kind of a cool moment. My recovery is coming along--I'm weaker and more easily tired than I ever remember, but I'm coping--and I've finally reached a stage where my discomfort is pretty minimal. I'm just "uncomfortable" if I don't take my pain medication.

So the last couple of nights, I've been watching a few movies with my Mum in the evening. Tonight when she turned in (she goes to bed at the [to me] bizarre hour of 9pm in order to get up for work rested and on time) I decided to head over to the video store to return a few of the films (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Hulk)and maybe grab something else for myself for the evening, that she wouldn't be interested in (tonight it is Bad Boys II, while last night was Hulk, which featured some fascinating visual direction).

The video store is only two blocks away, and so currently in my physical capacity. I left her building and began cutting across the school playground behind the apartments to cut a bit of the distance off. And that's when I had my cool moment. It was the smell. There was this smell: a cut-lawn, humid-summer-evening smell. I don't think I've smelt it in years. I don't recall it from South Bend or Milwaukee. Maybe it involved being on a big lawn, or maybe it had something added to it by being in a small town and only a few bowshots from farmland. But suddenly I was in sixth grade camping out in the backyard with a bright yellow tent, a best friend or two, and a telescope. Suddenly I was a high school freshman cutting across the Baptist church yard after walking the mile home from school after a late practice or rehearsal. Suddenly I was a high school senior walking across the practice field, after climbing over the fence for a summer evening's workout on the track. It was a small town, Oregon Illinois, smell. And that means nothing but good.
Tags: family, movies/film/tv, oregon illinois, personal

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