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Personal: Surgical Recovery; Da Vinci Code


Hey all, I'm out of the hospital and recovering at my Mom's, just southwest of Madison. It's wonderful to get out of the city, to have the door to the balcony open and to see sunset clouds while hearing very little more than the birds (particularly a rose finch) and the wind in the trees.

The surgery went really well, with an almost textbook recovery, according to my surgeon. I was a week in the hospital, but it was a week made much easier by a great group of nurses and assistants, as well as my own family and friends visiting. The only drawback was a bunch of the staff wanting to ask me questions "as a theologian," when the reality was that I was "a theologian wiped out on morphine after being disemboweled." I'm afraid that I couldn't have been of much help. I do now heartily wish that this idiot book, The Da Vinci Code would have vanished in obscurity.

It was about a week before I was able to eat again, and three or four days after the surgery before I was even allowed to drink. That was a bit hard going, as was summoning the strength to walk very far. But the strength is coming back (I walked maybe two miles today in the halls of my Mom's building, according to her measurements) and the appetite is slowly coming back, too. I can't read lots--some fiction to keep me amused--and I've been watching History Channel documentaries and such today, but I'm slowly getting my wits back from the shock and as much as I can from the drugs, which I'll still be taking for a while.

The time alone has been welcome. My Dad was very generous in staying with me the entire time that I was hospitalized, but the lack of solitude was driving me slightly nuts, although all the help was eagerly accepted, of course.

Alright, that's long enough online for now. Good to "see" all of you again as I glanced through my Friends page.

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