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Personal: Reading with the 15-month-old Grace

Once again, I'm here to add to the cuteness quotient of the world.

This particular video is one of my all-time favourites. When idiocy/tragedy struck the other year and I managed to erase my picture and video files from 2002-2004 on both of my hard drives, I was able to obtain a program that helped me recover much. But other than a CD-ROM copy that my sister might still have packed away somewhere, one of the things I didn't recover was the bulk of my pics and videos of Grace in her first years. This is the exception. This one was so my favourite, from my first full day of babysitting her at around 15-months old, that I always kept a copy still in my camera, thus allowing it to escape the Purge. Here she's taking me through her favourite book, and particularly showing me a picture depicting all the little boys and girls of the world hugging one another. (The "Joe" I mention in the video is my brother, her other uncle on my side of the family, who I was saying I must send a copy of this video to, so that he could also enjoy her.)

Tags: family, grace, personal, youtube

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