Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Random: Michael Douglas/Secret Service/Conspiracy/Marines/Bigfoot

I was watching a Michael Douglas thriller called The Sentinel over dinner, about an assassination plot against the President with a turncoat within the Secret Service. I was slightly distracted by a scene where they were boarding the helicopter, Marine One, on a flight out from the White House. This reminded me of this kid in high school who was friends with my sister. He took her to homecoming or prom or something like that. Two years after graduating high school, if I remember the timeline correctly, he was the young Marine guarding the door of Marine One, ramrod-straight in posture and decked out in his Marine finest. When I saw a picture of him doing this, all I could think was, "A few years ago, this was the kid who would wait just outside the treeline in the woods along Illinois highway 64, dressed in a gorilla costume, until some car would come along, at which point he'd lope into the woods, having given the people on the highway a glimpse of Bigfoot. And now he's guarding the President. I love America."


Speaking of Random: when did my LiveJournal "Post an Entry" page get a switch for so-called "Adult Content"?! Bad LiveJournalers!
Tags: america, funny, high school, livejournal, oregon illinois, personal, random

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