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Personal/Musical: Grading; Live Journal and YouTube; Over The Rhine

Grading like mad, which is defininitely the sucky side of teaching. Still, getting caught up on lots I let drop while I was pounding out the book chapter on Theosis. And I'm finding myself fighting against distraction of the usual sorts. The nieces found themselves on my journal today, looking over their Mum's shoulder and according to Leslie they spent an hour sitting at the computer playing the videos over and over again and laughing at themselves. What is it about human beings where we are so fascinated in seeing ourselves? Even as young ones, we react to that perspective, so different from the one we're locked into 24/7, staring out at the world through our eyes. No wonder it's fun, and no wonder some people go overboard with the temptations of Image and Fame.

I'd been updating my journal in idle moments with further integration into YouTube, both of travel images and other fun things like those two videos, much to the annoyance of my Mom, who's on dial-up. (She tells me that 48% of the country still uses dial-up and not some faster service: I was quite surprised. Perhaps I'm a bit more accustomed to city life and advantages than I thought.) With the triumph of Wednesday's Over The Rhine show still echoing in my head, I found this video from the end of the summer of Linford and Karin appearing at their local Public Radio station as part of their fund-raising drive. What I think is so impressive of this cut, where they play their newish (and very fun) song "I'm On A Roll," is to hear Karin's utter vocal skill: here, live on the radio, her shading and inflections are as dead-on as I'd expect in any studio album, where you have the huge luxury of selecting the best of any number of takes. Still, for a singer who tours as much as they do, I guess her game would have to be at this level constantly. Beautiful.

(Mom – who I long ago converted to Over The Rhine fandom – and her demographic can hear the MP3 podcast of the whole show, with two songs, through this link.)
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