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Personal/Theological Notebook: Theosis Chapter Edited; OTR tomorrow; Thanksgiving 2 and BSG: Razor

Oi! The book chapter "Theosis and Cosmos: A Speculation in the Tradition of Western Christianity" is edited and completed. I had very good and aggressive sets of notes, critiques, edits and suggestions from a number of friends, all of whom I am very grateful to for lending my work their talents on such short notice and with such a need for haste. The quality is improved immeasurably, I think. I was forced to break up my large sentence constructions in a way I'm not usually challenged to do, and all to the good. So I hope the text reads smoothly and clearly for any readers that encounter it. canonjohn, I hope you didn't order the draft copies with my original draft in it, and if so, I apologize! :-)

Wheee...! I'm feeling a bit giddy, actually. So, other cool things on my list of Cool Things:
Over The Rhine is in Milwaukee tomorrow night. That says it all. Mike is taking Donna as a birthday or anniversary present, I forget which, after they go out to dinner somewhere. Dan and Amy say that their attendance depends upon the fussiness or non-fussiness of Anna getting to sleep, as she's been difficult of late.

An old-fashioned BSG night. Saturday night the Harrises and I hung out at the Lloyds where after a second Thanksgiving dinner – much to my surprise – we shared the first new bit of Battlestar Galactica since the spring, with the two-hour movie Battlestar Galactica: Razor. As something to tide us over until March, when the Season Four episodes actually begin, it was more than welcome. The commercial break public service announcements seemed a bit much, and we all burst out laughing at the first, where it was intoned that "These two women characters have been revealed as LOVERS!" And so we wondered whether that was supposed to be a helpful summary for the oblivious or the most heavy-handed social programming attempt we had seen in a long while. More of a treat than a critical episode, the movie did fit nicely into the established continuity of Season Two, which I always appreciate, with my historian's love of detail. I was bummed to find out, though, that that counted as two of the 22 episodes ordered for Season Four. Other than that, we shared good talk and an exceptionally juicy turkey Donna had made, and some good variations on my favourite Thanksgiving standbys of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.
Um... I'm sure there's others, but I'm now feeling wiped and it's time for bed. Yay!
Tags: bsg, favourite shows, food, friends-marquette era, grace and freedom/nature, movies/film/tv, mysticism/spirituality, over the rhine, personal, theological notebook, writing

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