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Personal/Theology Notebook: Lots of Friends; Gospel of John; the Iliad

Heading out to visit Kevin Fleming in the morning, meet his fiance and hang with them over the weekend, and then back to Milwaukee on Wednesday. Surgical prep on Thursday, and then under the knife for my entertaining ileoanal reservoir surgery. Then a week to ten days in the hospital, so I may be pretty absent in the immediate future. A last day with Kari-Shane today before she moves to teach at St. Ben's/St. John's in Collegeville, and a late dinner just now with Mike and Michelle Dougherty as they breeze into town for one last appearance with her coronation as the latest Doctor Dougherty. Had dessert with Christine and Dan the other night and watched them buy their first home (in southern California) over the internet. People moving on, people having less reason to come back.... Changes.

Got the John paper back this afternoon. An A for that and the class giving me a four-point for the semester. Very relieving. And great comments to conclude the evaluation:
A very persuasive argument using narrative critical insights--answered whatever questions had been raised re: earlier versions. Very perceptive and fine conversation with the secondary literature. See if you can find an interested journal for this.

:-) So that certainly didn't hurt to read! So, that's a summer project for revision and hunting a publisher. This one's closer than my last one, though. I'm trying to figure out how to write for academic publishing now.

I'll be too far gone to read academic stuff during my recover for some weeks while I'm working on my thirst for morphine. I think I'm going to try to read the Iliad, though. Want to read the real thing before seeing this movie....

End of random notes. Peace.
Tags: biblical studies, books, gospels, historical, jewish mysticism, personal, teachers, theological notebook, writing

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