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Personal: A Tinkering Night with the New iMac and Commentary by Em

Well, I'm just about "caught up" in the new machine. Transferring only became complicated in the detail: trying to transfer personal settings and the like, passwords and bookmarks in my browser, and that sort of thing. A few programs I had to download again, although it's so blazing fast on this machine, I barely noticed. On the other hand, it still took me two hours to download the whole of my 230 GB on my external hard drive, but by that point I was incredibly hungry and so I made some pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes (with those so-flavourful Gold potatoes – Yukon Gold? Idaho Gold? I can't remember the name of the breed? version? whatever you call 'em, now) and called friede and talked about computers, 18th century literature, architecture, family, the politics and social realities of privilege, and department politics while I ate. A good break. When my transfer was done, it was time to send Emily to bed, anyway, and I got back to it.

Now it's after three, Caffrey's Pub has been closed for an hour and the straggling freshmen across the street seem to have finally gone in, so it's getting quiet at last. All of this has been on Mac's OS 10.4 ("Tiger"), with the new lauded operating system, 10.5 ("Leopard") included on discs. That probably was more to my advantage, since I knew my way around this format, and I didn't have to try to hunt things down and straighten things out while also trying to figure out any new formating for the system.
Tags: computing, food, friends-marquette era, mac, personal

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