Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: From Shanghai to My Door –- Well, To Somebody's Door...

Urg. My new computer ships over here to Milwaukee from Shanghai – a testament to human organization and efficiency. And then instead of being delivered here, to 711 N. 16th St., as it is marked twice on the box, FedEx delivers it over to Carpenter Hall, at 716 N. 11th St.. So I just lugged the big awkward thing back over here (only 17 kilos, but about as wide as my arms would go), and only then realizing that I'd been so on the go all day, running to a big lecture and such, that I'd yet not eaten a thing. Time to recover!

EDIT: 8:00pm. Now begins the long, painful process of taking down the old and setting up the new. I should be just typing my paper for Seraphim, or I should be out comet-watching with Dan and Amy if it weren't overcast, but I've now taken the beautiful white iMac box out of the brown nondescript shipping box I was carrying across campus earlier, and I no longer have much patience. File transfers, program transfers. It's wonderful to now have pretty much everything backed up on an external harddrive: last time I did this I had to copy things over 150MB at a time, I think it was, on Zip discs between Albertus the PowerMac and Ambrose the iMac. Now, I think I'll just have to go back once with the pretty-much-filled external drive, to get more things out of Ambrose.

Still haven't decided what to name the new thing: to whoever it was who suggested "Sparky," that's not really staying with my great theologian/spiritual master theme. Besides, "Sparky" is what I called the skunk that lived on the grounds of the graduate students' O'Hara-Grace Townhouses back at Notre Dame.
Tags: mac, personal

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