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Personal: Land of Confusion

Oi! I've been baffled by these messages, with Kevin in Chicago tonight for a business overnight, that he would give me a heads-up tonight for heading down there for dinner, maybe some live Irish music if we can find a likely pub, and just a late night of talk without the distractions of his kids, as when I was out at his place in Wyoming the other week. But he was talking about dinner at 7pm, and now it's already 4pm, and I find that he hasn't left Wyoming yet. Totally confusing. And then, a tiny point of clarification: he's going to be in Chicago tomorrow night.

Still not certain, for me, but soooo less problematic....

So, back to the grading, with greater motivation to finish it today.

EDIT: Oh, I also had a great "WTF?!" moment this morning when I opened my refrigerator door and found an apple sitting there that I clearly remembered having sliced up and eaten the day before (if apparently in a dream). It was a great sort of Matrix, reality-reset moment....
Tags: dreams, friends-notre dame era, personal, travel

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