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Personal/Theological Notebook: Students and Quotes

A student from last year added me as a friend on Facebook this evening while I was out at the Lloyds'. As I glanced down through her profile into the Quotes section, I found a few passages from things we'd read together. It's delightful to see the things that really caught the attention of a student in some way. I also found a few quotes from a less reputable source. I'm mortified sometimes to see the things that come out of my mouth: with a spontaneous sense of humour or wit, I'm often as surprised as anyone else at the things that I conjure up, and seeing them again is very strange....
(My Theo teacher talking about how the Jews were lead by God and Moses to defeat the surrounding nations which inhabited the Promised Land)
"It's not like the Jews were like 'Go Team Jew!...Now let's go get drunk and circumcise ourselves!'"

(My Theo teacher talking about how he broke his ribs the past weekend)
Girl in my class: "Wow, you have an interesting life"
Novak: "I've had a fragile life...I'm waiting to be mugged by an 8 year old."

"...So Jesus Christ who sets good against evil is our real Mother. We owe our being to him -and this is the essence of motherhood!- and all the delightful, loving protection which ever follows..." ~Julian of Norwich

"Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that the believer would stake his life on it a thousand times..." ~Martin Luther
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