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Personal/Theological Notebook: The Feast of Francis

Another day I like to not slip by unobserved is today's Feast of Francis of Assisi, who, as I've probably written before, I tend to describe to students as "the most dangerous man" you might ever hear of. This Feast would also have been the 10th anniversary of Rich Mullins' reception into the Catholic Church, that great disciple of Francis', had he not been killed around a week before the service. Back in South Bend this day would usually actually be celebrated with a feast with Mark, Erik and the group – what we called "Freek Family Dinners," which would have talk and music follow dinner, enjoying the simplest things in honour of this man who had challenged us all to follow Christ simply. Some of my happiest memories of my old apartment are sitting on the floor listening to some new or old song with a full stomach and a glass of something nearby. The best of times. Now the day always makes me miss absent friends, but I've a dinner offer for tonight, so I continue to be blessed.
Tags: catholicism, food, francis of assisi, friends-notre dame era, george and the freeks, liturgical, mysticism/spirituality, personal, rich mullins, theological notebook

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